Our Story

Hello, welcome to Family Stories!

We’re glad you took some time to visit. We are Michael and Cynthia, the husband and wife baby boomer founders who needed to solve a problem: who in our family will inherit the old family pictures, slides and negatives that we have amassed and those that have been passed down from previous generations. You can see from the photo below that we have some really old pictures and few know the stories behind these (woman standing on the left is Michael’s grandmother) – basically what we remember from listening as our parents would go through the albums with us over the years – telling us about the individuals and what might have been happening at the time.
Our Solution:
After months of reviewing and testing way too many photograph management tools (primarily built for photographers) the answer was simple – We would have to create a database program of our own to manage all of our photos and make sure that everyone in the family can have copies of our family history in photographs along with the stories about the individuals. After discussing the project with many family and friends, the feedback was: “This sounds great, how soon will this be ready?” Once testing was done to make sure it all worked the way it was intended, the decision was made to open a store and offer the product to others with similar problems. Be sure to revisit from time to time – FamilyStories.Store will keep searching for new products to help you with the transfer of old photographs and documents to a digital format. And with items to help store your treasures so they will be available for future generations.
Michael and Cynthia