Frequently Asked Questions about FamilyStories


How is my information used?

FamilyStories.Store does not sell or share personal information outside of the company. All information is for internal use only.  Please read our privacy policy for additional in-depth information on how we value your privacy.

How many times can I download the database software?

Each purchase allows one download within a seven day period after the purchase.  Once purchased, each customer is provided a link in the digital receipt that displays online and in the email receipt that is sent.  After seven days, the link is no longer valid.

Are any images or documents stored in the database on my computer accessible to FamilyStories.Store?

No.  One of the primary reasons for building this database was privacy and security.  Once the database is downloaded to your computer, FamilyStories.Store has no access to the information – unlike a cloud based storage system.

What happens to my information if my computer crashes?

When a person stores information in digital formats, the computer should be backed up on a regular basis.  We highly recommend creating a habit of backing up your database every time information is updated or adding new documents and images.  Backing up to an external storage unit like a flash drive or external hard drive should be done before shutting down.  This increases the chance that data will be safe.