How does it work?

It starts with your photos

Gather photos you may have and reach out to family members who may have a stash of family photos collected over the years.

Then you add the stories

Write down who was in the photo and what was happening. Enlist the help of siblings, cousins, whoever may have stories to share.

Discover & share it all

Gather family members and talk about the rich family stories and events. Download the information and give to all so they may have all the stories too.

See what our customers are saying!

Very user-friendly!

The instructions and descriptions are very user-friendly.  The ease of adding photos and creating a narrative worked very well.  Uploading and downloading the database was fast and efficient.  I think this is a very good program for keeping and passing along family history in an easy to use program.

-Lynn, Coshocton, Ohio, U.S.A

Amazing & easy way to store family photos!

With this amazing and easy way to store family photos, I am confident knowing that our history will not be lost or forgotten.  Knowing it will be passed down generations is a peace of mind, one could never have before.

-Adil, San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Easy way to document our family's history!

Family Stories has been an easy and wonderful tool to share family photos and history. It has been enlightening to view historical family documents and stories shared from extended family members based elsewhere. My immediate family has been delighted with what's been discovered and rediscovered and have made valuable contributions of their own to the family historical records.

-Andrew, Perth, Australia

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